Women in Construction

   For International Women’s Day we would like to celebrate one of our own, owner and general contractor/Designer Maryam Aslanzad. Owning a business is never easy – especially being a woman in a role that was typically reserved only for men. For ten years she has worked tirelessly to bring A4 Group to where it is now. Not only is she a woman, she is also an immigrant. There are many opportunities for everyone in Canada, including immigrants. But I believe maryam took the ‘Canadian Dream’ one step further when she started her own business. Despite all of the obstacles along the way and the cards being stacked against her, she has persevered. The vision she had many years ago for her company has come to life. 

 This industry requires you to be tough, patient and adaptable. She shows clients that she is just as capable as any man in her exact position. Maryam achieves this with her confidence and knowledge when she speaks with potential clients. The quality of her work also speaks for itself. I believe this empowers her as a woman to do her very best for each client. Women in construction have to prove themselves in order to be able to compete for space in the industry. Combining her eye for design with a passion to construct practical spaces, she creates a perfect balance between fashion and function.

  Working closely under Maryam has taught me many things about being a woman in this industry. She leads by example, so everyday is an opportunity for me to learn something new from Maryam. She took a chance on me like someone else took a chance on her a while back to get into the field. I learned a lot in school while studying interior design, but nothing compares to real life experience. I am grateful everyday to learn more while working at A4 Group.

   Maryam’s success with A4 Group only inspires her to branch out and achieve more. I look forward to seeing how the company grows in the next while under Maryam’s direction. The sky’s the limit, but I believe she is shooting for the stars. 

Happy International Women’s Day


Interior Designer at A4 Group

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