Upgrade and Elevate your Bathroom Renovation


Heated floors

Have you ever stepped out of the shower only to be shocked when your bare feet hit the cold bathroom floor? There is a reason why people consider heated floors other than to save on heating costs – and that reason is comfort and luxury. Standing on your bathmat after a shower to preserve your warmth is a thing of the past with heated floors. They continue to become inexpensive and more accessible to the general public as time goes on. The technology behind heated floors continues to improve, allowing for less error over time. Heated floors are energy efficient, easy to install, and low maintenance. 

Linear drains 

Ok so you’ve decided to get rid of your clunky jetted tub that hasn’t been used since 1997. You decide to put in a large shower with all of the fixings. A regular drain just won’t do. Having a long linear drain not only looks pleasing, but is extremely easy to clean those pesky long hairs out of. They maximize drainage, are easy to clean, and provide for a better slope in your shower. 

Shower niche 

We can’t be the only ones who despise those rusty shower organizers, or the ones that suction to the wall only to fall down along with all of your shampoo bottles in the middle of the night. I think this is why a permanent solution like a niche is the best option for storage in your shower. Niches can be a great way to organize all of your shower products, can be custom made to suit your needs, and can even be a focal point with the addition of a decorative tile.

Vanity with a tower

Vanities with towers went out of style for a while but they are making a comeback. We don’t think storage should ever go out of style. More storage space in your vanity means less clutter on your counter. Towers mean your counters are easier to clean, and you can customize your storage to suit your needs.

Bidet Spray/Seat

This is an easy way to bring the spa home. You can get a separate line for a bidet spray or just simply an attachable bidet seat. Nothing says luxurious like a clean tushie! Bidet seats/sprays help to improve hygiene, are environmentally friendly, and provide a more comfortable bathroom experience. 

Soaker tub

In most homes, there are built in alcove tubs that you can barely fit inside. The standard height of these tubs are about 18 inches. Soaker tubs allow you to fit your shoulders and your knees in at the same time to provide a comfortable experience. There are proven health benefits too! 

Light up mirror/Backlit mirrors

Light up mirrors are becoming more inexpensive as time goes on. You can actually save on lighting costs by using one. Not only do they look great, they provide light where you need it the  most in the bathroom – without the shadows of standard bathroom lighting.

Water closet 

Having a separate room for your toilet allows for better use of your bathroom, especially when it’s shared with someone else. The privacy by itself is extremely ideal, plus it can be more sanitary to have your toilet in a separate room. 

Makeup vanity 

Makeup vanities in your bathroom can help to simplify your morning routine. They help you stay organized by having your makeup/skincare products all in one place. They provide comfort by allowing you to sit while doing your makeup. Gone are the days where you had to stand at your vanity over your sink to do your makeup. 

Curbless shower 

Curbless showers not only allow for better accessibility, they also look extremely seamless. They are easier to clean, have fewer joints for mold or mildew to grow, and they add space by eliminating the curb which takes up 6 inches or so.

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