Nowruz Celebration at the Royal Rose Art Gallery

On Saturday March 23rd, A4 Group Construction Services Inc. and Abundance Dream Inc. collaborated to host an event for our clients, friends, local business owners, and several local dignitaries including the Mayor of Aurora. We gathered to celebrate Persian New Year – also known as Nowruz. Nowruz, which translates to “new day” in Persian, marks the beginning of spring and is a time for renewal, joy, and togetherness for millions around the world.

Haft-Seen Table

Central to our event was the majestic Haft-Seen table – pictured above, a symbolic centerpiece representing the seven elements of life and renewal. Each item on the table carries its own significance, from the sprouting wheatgrass symbolizing rebirth to the sweet and sour fruits representing the bittersweet nature of life. Our Haft-Seen table dazzled with items such as:

  1. Sabzeh (Sprouted Wheatgrass) for rebirth and renewal
  2. Senjed (Dried Oleaster) for love
  3. Seer (Garlic) for medicine and health
  4. Seeb (Apple) for beauty and health
  5. Somāq (Sumac) for the color of sunrise
  6. Serkeh (Vinegar) for age and patience
  7. Samanu (Sweet Pudding) for affluence and fertility

Traditional Music

Throughout the evening we were blessed with the beautiful sounds of traditional Persian music. They played all night and some guests were dancing and singing along.

Persian Rug Display

On display for our guests we had this beautifully designed Persian Rug named ‘The Journey of Persian Rug’. The rug showcases sections of different regional rug designs in Iran. We placed the traditional tools used to create these types of rugs underneath, along with a brief history of carpet making in Iran.

Delicious Food & Drinks

We had an amazing assortment of delicious Persian appetizers and desserts for our guests to enjoy along with some tasty red wine. Some of our guests have never had the opportunity to try Persian food before, so it was quite the delight to be able to share it with them.

Remarks from Dignitaries

Next we heard from the local dignitaries who had prepared a few words to say. In the picture above, starting from the left hand side – pictured are Mayor Tom Mrakas, MP Tony Van Bynen, Mojgan of Abundance Dream Inc, Maryam of A4 Group, MP Leah Taylor-Roy, and MPP Michael Parsa. Not pictured here is MPP Dawn Gallagher Murphy. We were grateful to have received a certificate of appreciation from MPP Michael Parsa.

Artwork on Display

We had several paintings on display by Persian artists. The painting pictured above was up for auction in support of a child suffering from ALS. Art plays a significant role in Persian history and culture. It was nice to be able to share some art from our personal collections with our guests. We also had some Persian poems, and pictures of Iranian architecture on a screen for everyone to view.

Thank You!

What an absolutely delightful and unforgettable evening it was! We are truly grateful to all our esteemed clients, cherished friends, and esteemed dignitaries for gracing us with their presence. Being able to share a glimpse of the rich Persian culture with each of you was a joyous experience. A big thank you to Rosa, the owner of the Royal Rose Art Gallery, for generously allowing us to utilize her space for our gathering. We had such a lovely evening and all of our hard work to organize this event paid off. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to having more events like these in the future. Hope to see you there!

A4 Group