Summer Home Improvement Projects

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

Now that the weather is warm and sunny many of us want to get some home improvement projects started and finished before the cold weather rolls around again. So where do we start? What needs to be done? Well this blog post is here to answer all those questions and provide some home improvement tasks you can check off your to-do list.


Starting with the exterior of your home. Every summer there are many items on our outdoor to-do list so let’s start with the front of the house and work our way towards the back. Starting with windows, we have two improvements that are great to get done during the summer. The first is getting your windows cleaned- and no I’m not talking about using Windex. Getting your windows cleaned by a professional actually extends the life of your glass. This is because build-up of grime, dirt, and mildew can etch the glass surface, which weakens the structural integrity of the glass piece. The second home improvement is replacing the windows. You will know when it’s time for this process if the windows are drafty, or if they are damaged. Replacing old windows can actually save you money in the long-run since the new ones are often energy-efficient and will help save on power bills.

Another home improvement item to check off the list is to get the gutters cleaned. It’s recommended to get your gutters cleaned twice a year to avoid the risks of water damage. Water damage from gutters that haven’t been maintained can occur both inside and outside of your home. Excess water can travel into your home through crevices and cracks in the siding. The effects of water damage is costly so it’s better to prevent the issue from happening.
This leads us into another home approvement project- Siding. When it comes to the siding on your house it’s great to replace it in during the summer time. This can be replacing the current pieces to match or to even upgrade to boost your home’s appearance, while protecting it against the elements.


Now is the best time for landscaping as the ground is soft and easy to work with. Summer is also the best time for purchasing outdoor building materials like stone or brick. Now is the best time for replacing or fixing areas in your yard that can’t be dealt with during the winter months. Landscaping provides practical benefits just as providing shade, creating privacy, and even controlling erosion. It can also include outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, walkways, and gardens which can be used for relaxation or even recreational purposes. Keeping up with your landscape can improve your homes overall functionally and appearance.

Patios and Decks

Patio season has arrived and so has the dirt and grime. An easy home improvement for outdoor patios is a good ol’ fashioned power-wash. This will remove all of winter and springs collected dirt and give your stones a refreshed clean look for the remainder of the summer. This now leads us towards your back deck. Since decks are made of wood we need to check every year that they are sturdy and safe to walk on. This home improvement can be replacing rotted planks, resealing the wood, secure fastenings, and even power washing. Always check your deck for signs of ‘eaten wood’ as termites food of choice is timber and wood decking. For this you can plant cedar mulch or place sand around the deck to avoid issues with termites.


A great home improvement you can do during the summer is building a shed and fence. Sheds are great for storing items for when it rains, when winter comes, and even for our outdoor equipment and tools. If your backyard shed, garden shed, or storage shed is less than 160 square feet (or 15 square meters) you can construct it without a building permit.
Another great summer home improvement is building or replacing the backyard fence. Fences are great for privacy and keeping your space as your own, keeping up with your fence will ensure both of these things. To start, if repairing a fence walk around the yard and see if there are any holes, any damage or any areas of concern. From here you can simply replace the planks, but if your fence is not made of wood and is a chain link you can use a pipe wench to straighten out the damaged areas.


Painting your interiors in the summer is a faster process due to the heat and this also allows for you to open windows to get fresh air in the rooms. Now is a great time to tackle any outdoor painting projects, like painting the fence, exterior walls, or exterior doors and even any outdoor materials.
When painting exterior spaces try to do it based on where the sun is. If you’re painting anything directly in the sun it will dry faster than if you were to paint something in the shade.


We hope this blog post will help narrow down the different tasks you get to get done. So put on some sunscreen and start checking off those to-do list items on your summer home improvement projects!

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