How To Survive A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re staying in the house during the renovation period. With this week’s blog post we will provide a helpful guide to surviving a kitchen renovation project and how to be prepared for what’s to come.

New Beginnings!

Kitchen renovations are big projects and take time to complete- so whether it’s a quick makeover or a full remodel it’s great to be prepared in advance! Let’s start by getting in contact with either your contractor or project manager- or if it’s just you doing these renovations then start mapping out what will be getting done during the week. This week-by-week schedule will help with following along with what tasks are to be done. Just remember that anything can happen during a renovation so always add in a few extra days for the tricky meticulous projects. This schedule will help you figure out how long certain things will be out of use- like your kitchen sink or stove. With this information you can plan ahead for meal prepping, outdoor cooking, ordering take-out or pick-up meals or even dining out.

Pack It Up!

The first and foremost task is to pack up everything in your kitchen for the demolition start day. This means going through every drawer and cabinet and taking everything out and putting it into any type of storage you’d like to place it in while labeling the storage container. For glass or crystal always try to wrap it in some type of paper -even newspaper- to help avoid any possible damage to the items. For items you plan on using during this time, like your favourite coffee mug, dishes and utensils, keep them in a separate area to avoid getting dirty or damaged. For other items such as art, or decor, take them down and store them away in another area with clean labeling so you know what everything is. During this time you can even take the next step to declutter and throw out or give away items you no longer need or use.

Make Shift Kitchen!

Since you most likely won’t be able to use your kitchen during this time it’s great to set up a make-shift kitchen in a different area of your home. This can include using your smaller appliances like the microwave, air fryer, slow cooker and any other items that can be moved around. Set up a spot for prepping and eating food- and if possible eat outdoors and better yet get some use out of that grill!

Keeping It Clean!

Whether it’s you doing this project or if you hired someone, a great way to keep the dust in one place is placing a dust barrier sheet between doorways so the dust stays put. Another cleaning hack is if you have any flooring where heavy traffic may be a concern, place a drop sheet or plastic covering so that nothing leaves a mark on the busy pathway. One more great thing to do during your kitchen renovation would be cleaning up at the end of each day so that you have less to clean towards the end!

What To Expect!

Kitchen renovations can be messy loud jobs and often can have many people coming in and out. So prepare for some noise- there will be drilling, there will be hammering, a great idea is to check your schedule and see what days the installation of products will be and decide if you want to stay home or leave during those hours. If you are staying move to a further away room to avoid the loud sounds or if necessary wear ear plugs or headphones!

The Final Look!

After a few weeks your kitchen renovation will be finished and you’ll have a stunning new kitchen design! We hope this week’s blog post will make the renovation process easier for you and that you can recommend these tips and advice for anyone else going through a kitchen renovation.

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